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Testament - Low (1994)
Cover Front Album Cover Back
Artist/Composer Testament
Length 47:14
Format CD
Genre Heavy Metal; Thrash/Speed Metal
Label Atlantic
Index 9698
Drums and Percussion John Tempesta
Bass Guitar Greg Christian
Guitar-Electric Eric Peterson
Guitar-Electric James Murphy
Vocals Chuck Billy
Vocals-Backing Damien Gallegos
Vocals-Backing Eric Peterson
Vocals-Lead Chuck Billy
Engineer John Aguto
Engineer Ken Walden
Engineer Liz Sroka
Engineer Randy Wine
Engineer Bill Kennedy
Engineer Kill Bennedy
Producer Chuck Billy
Producer Eric Peterson
Producer GGGarth
Producer Greg Christian
Producer James Murphy
Track List
01 Low 03:33
02 Legions In Hiding 04:17
03 Hail Mary 03:32
04 Trail Of Tears 06:06
05 Shades Of War 04:44
06 P.C. 02:50
07 Dog Faced Gods 04:02
08 All I Could Bleed 03:37
09 Urotsukidoji 03:40
10 Chasing Fear 04:56
11 Ride 03:16
12 Last Call 02:41