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Eloy - Time To Turn (1982)
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Artist/Composer Eloy
Length 42:20
Format CD
Genre Progressive Rock
Label Harvest - EMI
Index 934
Drums and Percussion Fritz Randow
Percussion-Various Hannes Arkona
Bass Guitar Klaus Peter Manziol
Guitar-Electric Frank Bornemann
Guitar-Electric Hannes Arkona
Keyboards-Various Hannes Arkona
Keyboards-Various Hannes Folberth
Vocals Frank Bornemann
Songwriter Frank Bornemann
Songwriter Fritz Randow
Songwriter Hannes Arkona
Songwriter Hannes Folberth
Songwriter Klaus Peter Manziol
Songwriter Sigi Hausen
Producer Frank Bornemann
Producer Fritz Randow
Producer Hannes Arkona
Producer Hannes Folberth
Producer Klaus Peter Manziol
Track List
01 Through A Somber Galaxy 06:03
02 Behind The Walls Of Imagination 06:25
03 Time To Turn 04:34
04 Magic Mirrors 05:28
05 End Of An Odyssey 09:28
06 The Flash 05:35
07 Say, Is It Really True 04:47