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Blackmore's Night - Fires At Midnight (2001)
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Artist/Composer Blackmore's Night
Length 71:05
Format CD
Genre Folk-Rock
Label SPV
Index 8583
Acoustic Guitar Ritchie Blackmore
Bass Guitar Sir Robert
Guitar-Electric Ritchie Blackmore
Mandolin Ritchie Blackmore
Keyboards-Various Carmine Giglio
Keyboards-Various Pat Regan
Bagpipe Candice Night
Penny Whistle Candice Night
Unlisted Instrument Mike Sorrentino
Unlisted Instrument Ritchie Blackmore
Harp Candice Night
Viola Chris Devine
Violin Chris Devine
Vocals Candice Night
Vocals-Backing Sir Robert
Trombone John Passanante
Trumpet Richard Wiederman
Flute Chris Devine
Recorder Candice Night
Recorder Chris Devine
Shawm Candice Night
Engineer Pat Regan
Producer Pat Regan
Producer Ritchie Blackmore
Track List
01 Written In The Stars 04:49
02 The Times They Are A Changin 03:33
03 I Still Remember 05:42
04 Home Again 05:27
05 Crowning Of The King 04:31
06 Fayre Thee Well 02:07
07 Fires At Midnight 07:36
08 Hanging Tree 03:46
09 Storm 06:11
10 Mid Winter's Night 04:30
11 All Because Of You 03:36
12 Waiting Just For You 03:16
13 Praetorius (Courante) 01:57
14 Benzai-Ten 03:51
15 Village On The Sand 05:04
16 Again Someday 05:09