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Eloy - The Tides Return Forever (1994)
Cover Front Album Cover Back
Artist/Composer Eloy
Length 47:18
Format CD
Genre Progressive Rock
Label ASI
Index 752
Drums and Percussion Nico Barretta
Acoustic Guitar Dirk Michaelis
Acoustic Guitar Ralf Vornberger
Acoustic Guitar Steve Mann
Bass Guitar Klaus Peter Manziol
Guitar-Electric Frank Bornemann
Keyboards-Various Michael Gerlach
Vocals Frank Bornemann
Vocals-Backing Bettina Lux
Vocals-Backing Jocelyn B.Smith
Vocals-Backing Michael Gerlach
Vocals-Backing Miriam Stockley
Vocals-Backing Peter Beckett
Vocals-Backing Susanne Schatzle
Vocals-Backing Tom Jackson
Songwriter Frank Bornemann
Songwriter Michael Gerlach
Producer Frank Bornemann
Track List
01 The Day Of Crimson Skies 05:02
02 Fatal Illusions 09:21
03 Childhood Memories 06:21
04 Generation Of Innocence 06:10
05 The Tides Return Forever 06:39
06 The Last In Line 04:01
07 Company Of Angels 09:44