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Accept - Balls To The Wall (remaster) (1983)
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Artist/Composer Accept
Length 56:04
Format CD
Genre Heavy Metal
Label BMG
Index 705
Songwriter Gaby Hoffmann
Songwriter Hermann Frank
Songwriter Peter Baltes
Songwriter Stefan Kaufmann
Songwriter Udo Dirkschneider
Songwriter Wolf Hoffmann
Engineer Louis Austin
Engineer Michael Wagener
Engineer Mikio Takamatsu
Engineer Robert Cohen
Producer Hermann Frank
Producer Peter Baltes
Producer Stefan Kaufmann
Producer Udo Dirkschneider
Producer Wolf Hoffmann
Track List
01 Balls To The Wall 05:43
02 London Leatherboys 03:57
03 Fight It Back 03:33
04 Head Over Heals 04:24
05 Losing More Than You've Ever Had 05:07
06 Love Child 03:34
07 Turn Me On 05:11
08 Losers And Winners 04:19
09 Guardian Of The Night 04:24
10 Winter Dreams 04:53
11 Up To The Limit (Live) (Live) (Bonus Track) 05:02
12 Head Over Heels (Live) (Live) (Bonus Track) 05:57