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Eloy - Planets (1981)
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Artist/Composer Eloy
Length 41:47
Format CD
Genre Progressive Rock
Label Electrola
Index 663
Drums and Percussion Jim McGillivray
Bass Guitar Klaus-Peter Matziol
Guitar-Electric Frank Bornemann
Guitar-Electric Hannes Arkona
Keyboards-Various Hannes Arkona
Keyboards-Various Hannes Folberth
Vocals Frank Bornemann
Vocals Klaus-Peter Matziol
Vocals-Backing Klaus-Peter Matziol
Songwriter Eloy
Songwriter Sigi Hausen
Producer Eloy
Producer Frank Bornemann
Producer Hannes Arkona
Producer Hannes Folberth
Producer Jim McGillivray
Producer Klaus-Peter Matziol
Track List
01 Introduction 01:57
02 On The Verge Of Darkening Lights 05:37
03 Point Of No Return 05:44
04 Mysterious Monolith 07:39
05 Queen Of The Night 05:22
06 At The Gates Of Dawn 04:04
07 Sphinx 06:50
08 Garried By Cosmic Winds 04:34