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Scorpions - Pure Instinct (1996)
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Artist/Composer Scorpions
Length 50:16
Format CD
Genre General Metal; Hard Rock
Label Atlantic
Index 5046
Drums and Percussion Curt Cress
Percussion-Various Pitti Hecht
Acoustic Guitar Matthias Jabs
Acoustic Guitar Rudolf Schenker
Bass Guitar Ralph Rieckermann
Guitar-Electric Matthias Jabs
Guitar-Electric Rudolf Schenker
Keyboards-Various Koen Van Baet
Keyboards-Various Luke Herzog
Engineer Evelien Tjebbes
Engineer Erwin Musper
Producer Erwin Musper
Producer Keith Olsen
Track List
01 Wild Child 04:17
02 But The Best For You 05:20
03 Does Anyone Know 05:57
04 Stone In My Show 04:38
05 Soul Behind The Face 04:00
06 Oh Girl (I Wanna Be With You) 03:50
07 When You Came Into My Life 05:13
08 Where The River Flows 04:10
09 Time Will Call Your Name 03:24
10 You And I 06:16
11 Are You The One? 03:11