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Therion - Sirius B (2004)
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Artist/Composer Therion
Length 56:58
Format CD
Genre Gothic Metal; Progressive Metal
Label Nuclear Blast
Index 4496
Drums and Percussion Richard Evensand
Acoustic Guitar Kristian Niemann
Bass Guitar Johan Niemann
Guitar-Electric Christofer Johnsson
Guitar-Electric Kristian Niemann
Keyboards-Various Steen Rasmussen
Regional Instrument Jens Nyborg
Regional Instrument Kavi Bjorkqvist
Regional Instrument Sven Lindblad
Unlisted Instrument The City Of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra
Horn Petra Cermakova
Oboe Jitka Tomsickova
Engineer Kristian Niemann
Engineer Jan Holzner
Engineer Sami Karppinen
Producer Christofer Johnsson
Producer Johan Niemann
Producer Kristian Niemann
Producer Lars Nissen
Track List
01 The Blood of Kingu 05:45
02 Son of the Sun 05:35
03 The Khlysti Evangelist 05:38
04 Dark Venus Persephone 04:02
05 Kali Yuga Part1 03:27
06 Kali Yuga Part2 05:48
07 The Wondrous World of Punt 07:19
08 Melek Taus 05:31
09 Call of Dagon 04:14
10 Sirius B 03:43
11 Voyage of Gurdjieff (The Fourth Way) 05:56