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Dio - Intermission (1986)
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Artist/Composer Dio
Length 33:46
Format CD
Genre Hard Rock
Label Vertigo
Index 3887
Drums and Percussion Vinnie Appice
Bass Guitar Jimmy Bain
Guitar-Electric Craig Goldy
Guitar-Electric Vivian Campbell
Keyboards-Various Claude Schnell
Vocals Ronnie James Dio
Songwriter Ronnie James Dio
Engineer Brett Newman
Engineer Nick Basich
Engineer Steve Strassman
Engineer Angelo Arcuri
Engineer Guy Chabernau
Producer Ronnie James Dio
Track List
01 King Of Rock And Roll 03:41
02 Rainbow In The Dark 04:42
03 Sacred Heart 06:23
04 Time To Burn 04:26
05 Rock 'n' Roll Children + Long Live Rock 'n' Roll + Man on the Silver Mountain 09:40
06 We Rock 04:54