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Iommi - The 1996 Dep Sessions (2004)
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Artist/Composer Iommi
Length 37:40
Format CD
Genre General Rock
Label Mayan Records
Index 3884
Drums and Percussion Jimmy Copley
Bass Guitar Glenn Hughes
Guitar-Electric Tony Iommi
Keyboards-Various Don Airey
Keyboards-Various Geoff Nicholls
Keyboards-Various Mike Exeter
Vocals Glenn Hughes
Songwriter Glenn Hughes
Songwriter Tony Iommi
Engineer Kit Woolven
Engineer Mike Exeter
Engineer Paul Samson
Producer Ralph Baker
Producer Tony Iommi
Track List
01 Gone 04:29
02 From Another World 05:55
03 Dont You Tell Me 04:14
04 Dont Drag The River 04:34
05 Fine 05:05
06 Time Is The Healer 04:16
07 Im Not The Same Man 04:21
08 It Falls Through Me 04:46