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Overkill - I Hear Black (1993)
Cover Front Album Cover Back
Artist/Composer Overkill
Length 51:34
Format CD
Genre Thrash Metal
Label Megaforce Worldwide
Index 3883
Drums and Percussion Tim Mallare
Bass Guitar D.D. Verni
Guitar-Electric Merritt Gant
Guitar-Electric Rob Cannavino
Vocals Bobby "Blitz" Elsworth
Vocals-Backing D.D. Verni
Vocals-Backing Merritt Gant
Vocals-Backing Rob Cannavino
Songwriter Bobby "Blitz" Elsworth
Songwriter D.D. Verni
Songwriter Merritt Gant
Songwriter Rob Cannavino
Songwriter Tim Mallare
Engineer Alex Perialas
Engineer Rob Hunter
Producer Alex Perialas
Producer Bobby "Blitz" Elsworth
Producer D.D. Verni
Producer Merritt Gant
Producer Rob Cannavino
Producer Tim Mallare
Track List
01 Dreaming In Columbian 04:00
02 I Hear Black 05:37
03 World Of Hurt 05:19
04 Feed My Head 05:36
05 Shades Of Grey 05:18
06 Spiritual Void 05:13
07 Ghost Dance 01:46
08 Weight Of The World 04:07
09 Ignorance And Innocence 05:00
10 Undying 05:25
11 Just Like You 04:13