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Black Sabbath - Born Again (1983)
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Artist/Composer Black Sabbath
Length 41:04
Format CD
Genre General Rock; Heavy Metal
Label Castle Communications
Index 208
Drums and Percussion Bill Ward
Bass Guitar Geezer Butler
Guitar-Electric Tony Iommi
Keyboards-Various Geoff Nicholls
Vocals Ian Gillan
Flute Tony Iommi
Songwriter Bill Ward
Songwriter Geezer Butler
Songwriter Ian Gillan
Songwriter Tony Iommi
Engineer Steve Chase
Engineer Robin Black
Producer Bill Ward
Producer Black Sabbath
Producer Geezer Butler
Producer Ian Gillan
Producer Robin Black
Producer Tony Iommi
Track List
01 Trashed 04:16
02 Stonehenge 01:58
03 Disturbing The Priest 05:49
04 The Dark 00:45
05 Zero The Hero 07:35
06 Digital Bitch 03:39
07 Born Again 06:34
08 Hot Line 04:52
09 Keep It Warm 05:36